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There are many mythologies concerning the possible causes of hairlessness and its relationship, intelligence, job, social class, wealth etc. While skepticism is necessary due to lack of scientific validation, some of this mythology may have a degree of original truth.

You come into hairlessness from your mother’s father.

Investigates suggest that the gene for the androgen receptor, which is significant in determining probability for hair loss, is located on the chromosome and so is always inherited from the mother’s side for men. There is a  60% chance that a person shares the same chromosome as his maternal grandfather. Because women have two chromosomes, they will have two copies of the androgen receptor gene while men only have one. However, research has also shown that a person with a balding father also has a significantly greater chance of experiencing hair loss. Men whose fathers had experienced hair loss were 3.5 times more likely to experience hair loss themselves, regardless of the mother’s side of the family.

Weight training and other types of bodily activity cause hairlessness.

Given that it increases testosterone levels many internet forums have put forward the idea that weight training and other forms of exercise increase hair loss in pre-disposed individuals. Even though technical studies do support a correlation between exercise and testosterone, no direct study has found a link between exercise and baldness. However a few have found a relationship between a sedentary lifestyle and baldness suggesting that some exercise is beneficial. It is possible that the type or quantity of exercise may influence hair loss; more studies are needed. Note that testosterone levels are not a good marker of baldness, and many studies actually show inconsistent low testosterone in balding people, although research on the implications is limited.

Intellectual activity or mental problems can cause baldness.

This notion may have arise because cholesterol is concerned in the process of neurogenesis and is also the base material from which the body ultimately manufacture . While the notion that bald men are more intelligent may lack trustworthiness in the modern world, in the very old world if a person was bald it was likely that he had an adequate amount of fat in his diet. Thus, his mental development was almost certainly not stunted by malnutrition throughout his crucial formative years he was more likely to be wealthy, and also to have had access to a formal education. However, a inactive lifestyle is less likely to show a relationship with intelligence in the modern world, and food fat content is not linked to economic class in modern developed countries. Another possibility is that for some people, social standing accrued through intelligence can in mating compensate for physical attractiveness lowered by hair loss and therefore produce male offspring who are prone to both high intellect and hair loss. However, by way of better socioeconomic standing and in turn more access to hair loss treatments, an association between intelligence and actual hair loss is less likely in recent times. Total testosterone exhibits a positive relation to tactual-spatial abilities and to the degree of lateralization. Total testosterone is negatively correlated with verbal fluency. Testosterone in the saliva is also considerably positively correlated to tactual-spatial test scores and  in addition  to field self-rule.

Baldness can be cause by emotional stress, sleep scarcity.

Emotional stress has been shown to go faster baldness in genetically susceptible persons. Stress due to sleep deprivation in military recruits lower testosterone levels, but is not noted to have affected. Thus, stress due to sleep deficiency in fit males is unlikely to elevate, which causes male pattern baldness. Whether it can cause hair loss by some other means is not clear.

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